Aetrix is a Sorcerer class Fire dragon in the Red egg lineage, their availability is Common.

Dragon Information
Class Sorcerer
Element Fire
Lineage Red
Availability Common
Skills Chain Lightning
Breeding Breedable at 8
Parents Draco + Zin

 In-Game Description

Phoenix Dragon: This dragon will strike you down.


Aetrix is a tall, slender dragon with beady, vibrant eyes and two pairs of wings covered in plumage. They fiercely resemble a phoenix. Similar to such creatures, Aetrix is citrine-yellow and fiery orange, and as their feathers expand from tertiary to primary the colors grow darker like cooling lava.

Aetrix has a squared face, slim haunches, and four toes on their front feet. This dragon's tail is very long, so in the Dragons' Den they curl it around themselves. They have a unique crest on the back of their head. This dragon is a really good one to have at the beginning of the game. It is a body model and re-colored version of Septys and Raetrix.

Abilities + Stats

  • Chain Lightning (unlocked at level 2)

For more information, see Dragon Abilities.

Level DPS Health Max Heal XP Food
1 1,956 7,971 2m 18s 41 21
2 2,787 8,860 2m 18s 62 29
3 2,974 9,410 2m 18s 87 46
4 3,258 12,000 3m 13s 133 91
5 3,566 13,000 3m 49s 192 113
6 3,906 14,600 4m 41s 393 299
7 4,286 15,800 5m 34s 681 439
8 4,731 17,000 6m 38s 930 515
9 5,202 19,733 7m 1,258 795
Expert 6363 22,000 8m 55s - -


Breedable at level 4.

Breeding Parents: Draco + Zin


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