Chthoteuthis is a Sorcerer class Ice dragon in the Gold egg lineage, their availability is Legendary.

Dragon Information
Class Sorcerer
Element Ice
Lineage Gold
Availability Legendary
Skills Invincibility Shield, Chain Lightning, Elemental Mayhem, Cannon Resist
Breeding Breedable at level 12

In-Game Description Edit

Pelagic Horror: A nightmare of the sea. This beast haunts the briny depths.


As with Sigurd, Chthoteuthis is a two-legged serpent dragon with pointed nose, armor like shell on top of its head, two spiny horns protruding backwards from each side of its cheek. Its long slender rose gold body is covered with shell and pale greenish fan-like fins on its back and legs. It is a body model and re-colored version of Sigurd.

Abilities + Stats

  • Invincibility Shield (unlocked at level 2)
  • Chain lightning (unlocked at level 5)
  • Elemental Mayhem (unlocked at level 9)
  • Cannon Resist (unlocked at level 14)

For more information, see Dragon Abilities.

Level DPS Health Max Heal XP [Expand] Food


Breedable at level 12. 

Breeding Parents: Serabis + Sekoronos

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