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Dominus is a Sorcerer class Ice dragon in the Purple egg lineage, its availability is Rare. It is obtained with 2450 Rubies.

Dragon Information
Class Sorcerer
Element Ice
Lineage Purple
Availability Rare
Skills Fireball, Chain Lightning
Breeding Breedable at level 1

In-Game Description

Celestial Sorcerer: This dragon likes big explosions.


Dominus is a sinuous dragon without wings who flies magically in rapid coils through the air. Its body is aqua-blue and bluish-purple with aqua-blue horns and pale blue webbing joining spinal spikes and jaw spikes. The inside of its maw is nauseous dark yellow-green tongue. Its eyes are a mysterious glowing aqua-blue. It is a body model and a re-colored version of Nassus and Ryuu.

Abilities and Stats

Dominus's attack method is tap and drag to lock on and fire on 3 different targets.

  • Fireball (unlocked immediately after hatching)
  • Chain Lightning (unlocked immediately after hatching)

For more information, see Dragon Abilities.

Level DPS Health Max Heal XP Food
1 9,170 50,600 40m 26s 4,950 3,460
2 9,895 55,300 47m 42s 6,360 3,820
3 10,500 59,800 54m 59s 8,360 5,240
4 11,100 75,200 1h 13m 10,610 5,720
5 11,700 78,000 1h 20m 13,370 6,220
6 12,200 81,700 1h 27m 15,080 8,080
Expert 12,800 84,800 1h 35m - -


Breedable at level 1.


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