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This page is about Dragon Lords, including known Dragon Lords.


Protagonist Faction

Known Dragon Lords: Protagonist, possibly Orin and the Dragon Guard

Antagonist Faction (Blackbloods)

Known Dragon Lords: Fang

Other/Unknown Factions

Dragon Lords: Protagonist's parents


Dragon Lords date back a long period of time, rarely occuring in family bloodlines. Some in such a family are usually lucky enough to inherit Dragon Lord abilities, but not all of them.

In canon War Dragons, recent tensions between a young Dragon Lord and their uncle have risen. The Protagonist's relative Lord Gustav grew jealous of his young nephew/niece and their parents being Dragon Lords, as he did not possess such a power, so he created the Blackbloods to kill their parents. This is likely a 'personal' act of 'revenge', as Gustav's own army includes many Dragon Lords.


Most Dragon Lords are able to speak to dragons. Some are even able to command them. Dragon Lords are especially known for making peace between humans and dragons, but in several cases, they have also been able to force their alliance apart.