War Dragons Wikia

(event no longer exists) King of the Hill - Fortresses are contested; the team that does the most damage owns it, while the next wave of players tries to destroy it.

Breeding - Spending breeding tokens and mystic fragments earns points. Gain points for also using gems to breed dragons.

Fortification - Fortifying a base by spending building resources (lumber, elemental embers, black pearls, turret shards, food on lumber mills) to gain points.

(event no longer exists) Capture the Flag - Similar to war, but with flags on the line instead of breeding tokens.

Feeding - Use food for leveling up dragons, or feeding the Dragon Perch dragon for boost.

Kingdom Wars - Teams have a capital scattered around map. Gain VP by holding territory and monuments (major and minor). Capitals cannot be conquered.

Team Gauntlet - Travel across a chain of islands held by the Blackbloods. Gain VP by taking over islands; VP payout decreases over time after an hour has passed for reaching an island or when Gustav returns. A PvP island periodically appears every few hours. Gain VP for destroying the enemy island; a bonus is awarded to the team who destroys the other first, able to steal VP from the depleted team. The team defeated first is still able to attack, recovering some VP but not stealing any.

Fight Pits - teams are thrown into a Pit, forced to fight each other and claw their way up 3 other pits (training Ground, Keep, Coliseum). Which pit a team falls, remains, or rises up to, is determined by VP. VP amounts are fixed at the start of each round per pit, changing between teams as attacks occur. The champions of a pit will gain a VP bonus at the end of each round, adding to their total/overall VP. Mega attacks are prohibited the last 15 minutes of a round.