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Kastor is a Hunter class Undead dragon in the Red egg lineage, their availability is Common.

Dragon Information
Class Hunter
Element Dark
Lineage Red
Availability Common
Skills Lockdown
Breeding Breedable at level 4
Parents Hext & Leviathan

In-Game Description

Red Dragon: The dragon can render your towers useless.


Kastor has a hawklike face with bright scarlet scales and a noticeable underbite. There are four horns protruding from the lower jaw (two on each side) and two from the top of the head. Two stubs resembling horns also stick up from the forehead. Kastor's horns are beige, but soften to a buttery yellow at the end. Kastor has two bright creamsicle-orange eyes.

Kastor's shoulders are bunched towards the front, making the bodily stature much like a bison's, with long blood-red wing arms branching out from them. The membranes connected to the wingbones are huge, the color of rubies. They become more yellow in coloration at the bottom, almost like fire. Sliding down Kastor's back are beige spikes, and at the end they narrow to a single fire-colored point on the tip of the tail. The belly is plated with tangerine underscales.

Like most European dragons, Kastor upholds the general appearance; and has four legs and a pair of wings.

Abilities + Stats

  • Lockdown (unlocked at level 2)

Fireball Attack- Tapping repeatedly on buildings will shoot balls of fire that deal damage and destroy. Unlocked at level 1.

Lockdown- Using this attack causes magic nets to fall over a building, rendering it unable to defend until attacked again by a dragon. Unlocked at level 2.

For more information, see Dragon Abilities.

Level DPS Health Max Heal XP Food
1 1,956 6,975 2m 18s 41 21
2 2,100 8,339 2m 18s 62 29
3 2,240 8,856 2m 18s 87 46
4 2,454 11,300 3m 13s 133 91
5 2,684 12,200 3m 49s 192 113
6 2,942 13,700 4m 41s 393 299
7 3,228 14,800 5m 34s 681 439
8 3562 16,000 6m 38s 930 515
9 3916
Expert 4449 - -



Egg - Kastor.PNG

Kastor is a dragon from the Red Egg lineage. Kastor can be achieved in the breeding castle using the following dragon pattern(s):

Hext x Leviathan

Breedable at level 4.