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Master List of Dragons

Divine Dragon - Special Event only. Divine dragon can belong to any tier. Divine is not a Tier by itself, but does have a separate tab in the Breeding Castle dedicated for them. Divine dragons are indicated by an asterisk (*) next to their name.

Lineage Tiers - Red > Purple > Blue > Orange > Green > Gold > Platinum > Sapphire > Garnet > Emerald > Obsidian > Harbinger > Vanguard > Empyrean

**Red dragons being the weakest, Empyrean being the strongest (generic stats wise) when comparing under the same availability. Dragons with lots of skills can be smartly utilized to vastly increase its power (as well as certain combat tactics, such as saving rage for the next Sorcerer dragon in an attack[all attacking dragons can use leftover rage]) so a Red dragon (say, Kinnara) is not necessarily weaker than a Purple dragon.

Availability Tiers - Normal / Unspecified / Common > Rare > Epic > Legendary > Mythic 

**The first tier of Availability is currently unnamed. This page is using Common for table listing below.

**Availability also affects the dragon overall stats and power. Usually rarer dragons under the same lineage tier are more powerful, either stats wise or skills set wise or both.

*Dragon DPS and HP used are the basic stats prior to: Runes, Research, Dragon Riders & Rider Gear. Values are still being updated. For an updated list (until this wiki can gain and maintain active editors) please view:


Name  Type  Tier Class L1 DPS  L1










Element Spells Breedable Lvl Parents
Abraxxas* Warrior Orange Legendary 27,500 244,000 Fire Malefic Breath, Supperheated Breath, Fire Shield, Sacrifice
Aetrix Sorcerer Red Common 1,956 7,971 6,363 22,000 317 Fire Chain Lightning 8 Draco + Zin
Algor* Warrior Orange Legendary Ice Dreadful Roar, Heat Shield, Archer Resist, Ice Turret Resist
Aibrean* Hunter Orange Epic 28,000 183,000 16,800 Wind Spring's Renewal, Chaos, Flash, Fire Flak Resist
Alikorn Sorcerer Purple Common 3,250 31,500 6,491 35,600 607 Earth Fireball
Amarok Warrior Orange Legendary 21,500 189,000 Ice Cure Poison, Archer Resist, Explosive Shield, Cannon Resist
Anapa Warrior Sapphire Legendary Dark Intimidating Roar, Superheated Breath, Ice Turret Resist, Cannon Resist
Ankor Sorcerer Orange Rare 10,900 62,000 Ice Invincibility Shield, Storm Resist
Anuba* Sorcerer Red Legendary 5,435 23,900 Dark Reanimate, Desiccating Sandstorm, Tectonic Tomb, Spitfire Resist
Apophet Sorcerer Sapphire Mythic Dark Apophet's Shadow, Nightfall, Umbral Spike, Nocturnal Fissure
Aquileas and Austeros Sorcerer Garnet Mythic Earth Cosmic Energy, Celestial Dance, Northern Lights, Southern Cross
Arborius Warrior Purple Epic 8,465 58,700 29,000 251,000 Earth Rejuvenate, Stoneskin ShieldBallista Resist
Archimera Warrior Obsidian Legendary Fire Heat Shield, Invert, Starburn, Fire Turret Resist
Aster* Hunter Orange Legendary Dark Steal Essence, Cloak, Rising Phoenix, Ice Turret Resist
Avalanche Warrior Garnet Legendary Dark Malefic Breath, Heat Shield, Seething Spark, Trebuchet Resist
Avyx* Hunter Orange Legendary Dark Cloak, Talon Frenzy, Healing Mark, Ice Turret Resist


Warrior Blue Common 5,205 29,800 184 Ice Rejuvenate
Bander Warrior Gold Epic Fire Intimidating Roar, Vampiric TouchBallista Resist
Basileus Sorcerer Gold Rare Fire Thunderstorm, Storm Resist
Bixi* Warrior Green Legendary Ice Intimidating Roar, Explosive Shield, Lightning Resist, Trebuchet Resist
Bolt Hunter Blue Rare 6,793 35,400 476 Dark Death Gaze , Trebuchet Resist
Borg Hunter Purple Rare 5,166 29,000 12,700 79,800 3,980 Earth Havoc, Lockdown
Borgian* Hunter Orange Legendary Earth Healing Mark, Thunderbolt, Cloak, Ice Turret Resist
Bronze Warrior Orange Rare 191,820 23,420 Wind Wind Wall, Storm Resist
Caladbolg Sorcerer Gold Epic Wind Thunderstorm, Chain Lightning, Lightning Resist
Carsis Warrior Green Legendary Dark Cure Poison, Stoneskin Shield , Vampiric Touch , Archer Resist
Cerbero Sorcerer Platinum Rare Ice Frozen Tomb, Archer Resist
Chimerak* Warrior Orange Legendary Dark Seething Spark, Static Shield, Earthquake, Archer Resist
Chompa Sorcerer Sapphire Legendary Ice Thunderstorm, Frozen Tomb, Nocturnal Fissure, Trebuchet Resist
Chunk Warrior Blue Epic Earth Super Rejuvenate, Belly Flop, Cloak, Ballista Resist
Chthoteuthis Sorcerer Gold Legendary Ice Invincibility Shield, Chain Lightning, Elemental Mayhem, Cannon Resist
Consurgens Hunter Gold Legendary Fire Healing Mark, Steal Essence, Cannon Resist, Ballista Resist
Corthanak* Sorcerer Orange Mythic Fire Ghostfire Wreath, Ghostfire Blast, Sacrifice, Dark Flak Resist
Cryzan Sorcerer Platinum Epic Ice Chain Lightning, Spell Flux, Death Gaze
Dactyl Hunter Purple Rare 5,166 29,000 5,166 13,100 85,900 3,980 Dark Havoc, Ballista Resist
Daemun Hunter Purple Common 3,059 13,700 61,08 33,500 631 Wind Self Destruct
Danzig Warrior Green Legendary Fire Vampiric touch, Explosive Shield, Wind Wall, Ballista Resist
Darja Sorcerer Orange Legendary 33,500 253,000 Wind Reverse Projectiles, Chain Lightning, Summon Warrior, Storm Resist
Deci Hunter Emerald Legendary Earth Cloak, Steal Essence, Earthquake, Ballista Resist
Destar Warrior Harbinger Mythic Ice Frost Shield, Blood Fury, Spell Flux, Dark Flak Resist
Dimachaerus* Hunter Gold Legendary Fire Steal Essence, Death Gaze, Cloak, Archer Resist
Dioskouri Sorcerer Purple Rare 14,000 88,000 4,285 Freeze, Summon Warrior
Dodo Sorcerer Blue Epic 12,200 66,000 Fire Freeze, Invincibility Shield, Cannon Resist
Dodopyyr Sorcerer Orange Legendary Fire Freeze, Cloak, Reverse Projectiles, Cannon Resist
Dominus Sorcerer Purple Rare 9,510 52,400 12,300 81,700 3,515 Ice Chain LightningFireball
Donivalis* Sorcerer Gold Legendary Ice Summon Warrior, Freeze, Thunderstorm, Lightning Resist
Draco Warrior Red Common 1,870 9,597 30 4,170 22,000 236 Fire Rejuvenate, Explosive Shield
Drakius* Warrior Orange Legendary Fire Sacrifice, Vampiric Touch, Lightning Resist, Fire Turret Resist
Droyeuse* Warrior Gold Legendary Earth Intimidating Roar, Explosive shield, Archer Resist, Battle Cry
Drude Hunter Blue Epic 10,300 57,700 32,700 243,000 Wind Healing Mark , Evasion , Storm Resist
Durga Sorcerer Orange Legendary 21,800 139,000 Wind Chain Lightning, Reverse Projectile, Invincibility Shield, Lightning Resist
Ebon* Sorcerer Orange Legendary Fire Spell Flux, Freeze, Nocturnal Fissure, Archer Resist
Elixis Sorcerer Green Epic Fire Reverse Projectiles, Elemental Mayhem, Ballista Resist
Ember Hunter Red Epic 3,519 15,800 189 Fire Death Glaze, Cloak, Archer Resist, Invert
Enki Hunter Orange Epic Earth Death Gaze, Cloak, Trebuchet Resist
Equestor* Sorcerer Orange Legendary Wind Lightning Familiar, Thunderbolt, Extract Essence, Lightning Resist
Estril Hunter Harbinger Legendary Earth Earthquake, Cloak, Consume, Adaptive Resist
Ettin Hunter Green Legendary Dark Healing mark, Cloak, Self Destruct, Cannon Resist
Etzel Sorcerer Blue Epic 11,700 33,500 259,000 Earth FreezeSummon WarriorArcher Resist
Fae* Sorcerer Orange Legendary Earth Chaos, Invincibility Shield, Ice Shock, Lightning Resist
Fenrir Warrior Red Rare 6,489 44,100 10,000 72,300 1,867 Fire Wind WallExplosive Shield
Fennrok* Warrior Gold Legendary Wind Explosive Shield, Reverse Projectiles, Archer Resist, Cannon Resist
Ferga Hunter Emerald Legendary Fire Seismic Screech, Healing Mark, Galvanic Overload, Cannon Resist
Ferrox Warrior Gold Rare Earth Intimidating Roar, Archer Resist
Firactus Hunter Gold Epic Earth Havoc, Sacrifice, Cannon Resist
Frigg Hunter Red Common 1,658 6,980 30 3,704 16,000 236 Wind Chain Lightning, Archer Resist
Frostbiter Hunter Garnet Legendary Ice Crystalline Shield, Crumble to Dust, Cloak, Ice Turret Resist
Gargula* Hunter Orange Legendary Dark Extract Essence, Stoneform, Sacrifice, Fire Turret Resist
Garuda Sorcerer Purple Rare 5,489 30,800 13,000 84,800 3,833 Fire Chain Lightning, Invincibility Shield
Garzev Hunter Green Rare Ice Evasion, Cannon Resist
Gaspar Warrior Green Rare Dark Vampiric Touch, Storm Resist
Girasol Warrior Obsidian Mythic Wind Malefic Breath, Isolation, Starburn, Dark Flak Tower Resist
Gladicus* Warrior Orange Legendary Earth Shield Assault, Rejuvenate, Seismic Screech, Dark Flak Resist
Gloomclaw Warrior Garnet Mythic Wind Doom Chains, Devour Hope, Malefic Breath, Dreadful Roar
Gog Warrior Purple Rare 5,813 39,900 297 14,200 119,000 4,451 Ice Explosive ShieldStorm Resist
Gorgonus Hunter Sapphire Legendary Fire Steal Essence, Cloak, Crumble to Dust, Ballista Resist
Grumble* Sorcerer Blue Epic Dark Summon Warrior, Rising Phoenix, Storm Resist
Grypp Warrior Blue Rare 7,363 51,100 480 Earth Explosive Shield, Trebuchet Resist
Habrok Hunter Orange Rare 10,200 58,300 Dark Death Gaze , Archer Resist
Hantu Warrior Red Rare 2,870 15,500 8,590 61,000 1,334 Earth Stoneskin ShieldStorm Resist
Hauheset Hunter Sapphire Mythic Earth Borrowed Time, Desiccating Sandstorm, Crumble to Dust, Time Shift
Hedran Warrior Obsidian Legendary Earth Isolation, Seething Spark, Archer Resist, Ice Turret Resist
Hext Hunter Red Common 1,956 7,592 30 4,449 19,900 352 Earth HavocArcher Resist
Hugin Warrior Green Legendary Wind Explosive Shield, Rejuvenate, Wind Wall, Lightning Resist
Huli Sorcerer Purple Common 3,500 15,100 6,990 38,300 Dark Chain Lightning
Hydron Warrior Orange Epic 15,000 127,000 Earth Wind Wall , Rejuvenate, Lightning Resist
Icicle Hunter Garnet Mythic Ice Frostbite, Crystalline Shield, Shattershard, Ice Turret Resist
Infernicus* Sorcerer Platinum Epic Fire Rising Phoenix, Frozen Tomb, Reverse Projectiles, Lightning Resist
Iteru Sorcerer Sapphire Legendary Wind Spell Flux, Rising Phoenix, Umbral Spike, Storm Resist
Ith Warrior Green Epic Ice Battle Cry, Explosive Shield, Lightning Resist
Jaculus* Sorcerer Blue Epic 12,200 68,300 Ice Freeze, Reverse Projectile, Lightning Resist
Jagra Hunter Platinum Epic Earth Trebuchet Resist
Jul Sorcerer Garnet Legendary Fire Southern Cross, Nocturnal Fissure, Spell Flux, Cannon Resist
Jura Sorcerer Blue Common 5,090 22,000 Dark Freeze
Kaiju Warrior Platinum Legendary Dark Seething Spark, Explosive Shield, Trebuchet Resist, Ballista Resist
Karna Hunter Green Legendary Fire Lockdown, Cloak, Self Destruct, Archer Resist
Kastor Hunter Red Common 1,956 7,971 4,449 19,900 2 Dark Lockdown
Kelsis Warrior Blue Epic 11,600 86,100 Fire Battle CryStoneskin Shield, Cannon Resist
Kelvin Sorcerer Platinum Legendary Ice Frozen Tomb, Reverse Projectiles, Spell Flux, Lightning Resist
Kerbos Sorcerer Emerald Legendary Wind Chain Lightning, Uproot, Wind Wall, Trebuchet Resist
Khrysos Warrior Gold Legendary Earth Rejuvenate, Intimidating Roar, Lightning Resist, Trebuchet Resist
Kinnara Sorcerer Red Epic 5,887 26,800 20,700 138,000 10,066 Wind

Chain LightningSummon Warrior, Storm Resist

Kinnarakku* Sorcerer Blue Epic Wind Summon Warrior, Invincibility Shield, Cannon Resist
Kinnarus* Sorcerer Orange Epic Wind Dodo Guardian, Earthquake, Invincibility Shield, Lightning Resist
kirin* Warrior Red Legendery Wind war cry(white),mystic winds(white)ice turret resist ,fire flank resist
Klax Hunter Purple Rare 5,166 29,000 12,700 79,800 3,960 Dark Self Destruct, Evasion
Kobahl Hunter Blue Common Dark Havoc
Kolo Warrior Orange Rare Earth Battle CryBallista Resist
Kromon Hunter Blue Common 4,449 19,900 8,631 49,400 1,174 Ice Cloak
Kulan Warrior Platinum Epic Fire Battle Cry, Intimidating Roar, Cannon Resist
Kyrule Warrior Emerald Legendary Wind Rejuvenate, Seething Spark, Tectonic Tomb, Lightning Resist
Ladon* Warrior Purple Epic 8,791 63,000 Fire RejuvenateBattle Cry, Cannon Resist
Laekrian Warrior Purple Common 3,442 19,800 3,442 7,138 50,00 685 Earth Cure Poison
Leos* Warrior Orange Legendary Fire Lion's Rage, Blazing Shield, Dark Flak Resist, Fire Turret Resist
Leviathan Sorcerer Red Common 2,853 13,000 4,726 21,200 264 Wind Fireball
Lochsvur* Hunter Platinum Legendary Ice Steal Essence, Seething Spark, Cloak, Ice Turret Resist
Lucius Hunter Orange Rare Dark Havok, Cannon Resist
Lumen Warrior Gold Rare Wind Battle Cry, Ballista Resist
Lumina Hunter Obsidian Legendary Fire Flash, Light Speed, Seismic  Screech, Fire Turret Resist
Luminark Sorcerer Orange Epic Wind Summon Warrior, Invincibility Shield, Archer Resist
Lyth* Sorcerer Red Epic Fire Fireball, Archer Resist, Storm Resist
Mafic Hunter Obsidian Mythic Dark Evasion, Consume, Light Speed, Lightning resist
Magmorr* Warrior Blue Epic Fire Explosive Shield, Seething Spark, Archer Resist
Marianas Sorcerer Obsidian Legendary Ice Summon Hellspawn, Freeze, Sacrifice, Ice Turret Resist
Mehaten Warrior Sapphire Mythic Fire Daybreak, Radiance, Super Heated Breath, Heat Shield
Meridian* Sorcerer Green Legendary Wind Fireball, Thunderstorm, Invincibility Shield, Lightning Resist
Merk Sorcerer Purple Common 6,491 35,600 607 Fire Summon Warrior
Merkt* Sorcerer Orange Legendary Dark Death Stare, Ashen Breath, Invert, Dark Flak Resist
Moonfang* Warrior Orange Legendary Dark Feral Rage, Full Moon, Intimidating Roar, Ice Turret Resist
Morphos* Hunter Orange Mythic Wind Frostbite, Shattershard, Cloak, Enfeeble
Morthil Warrior Harbinger Legendary Ice Frost Shield, Malefic Breath, Ice Turret Resist, Fire Flak Resist
Mune Warrior Platinum Rare Earth Seething Spark, Lightning Resist
Munin Sorcerer Green Legendary Ice Freeze, Elemental Mayhem, Reverse Projectiles, Storm Resist
Naga Warrior Green Epic Earth Cure Poison, Rejuvenate, Storm Resist
Nassus Sorcerer Green Rare Fire Elemental Mayhem, Ballista Resist
Necroth* Warrior Red Legendary Dark Rejuvenate, Cannon Resist, Intimidating Roar, Seething Spark
Necura Hunter Platinum Epic Dark Healing Mark, Cloak, Spitfire Turret Resist
Necryx* Hunter Orange Legendary Dark Dessicating Sand, Cloak, Elemental Barrier, Lightning Resist
Neptus* Hunter Orange Mythic Ice Tidal Surge, Riptide, Corrosive Brine, Ice Turret Resist
Nier Sorcerer Emerald Mythic Earth Elemental Barrier, Noxious Vines, Uproot, Archer Resist
Nightshade* Hunter Orange Legendary Wind Cloak, Crumble to Dust, Reverse Projectiles, Lightning Resist
Nix Sorcerer Green Legendary Wind Fireball, Elemental Mayhem, Invincibility Shield, Cannon Resist
Noctua Hunter Obsidian Legendary Wind Cloak, Noxious Vine, Consume, Lightning Resist
Nollaig* Warrior Orange Legendary Ice Frost Shield, Winter's Bite, Regenerate, Ice Flak Resist
Nosfer Hunter Platinum Rare Dark Galvanic Overload, Lightning Resist
Noss Hunter Orange Epic Ice Cloak, Lockdown, Lightning Resist
Numen Hunter Blue Epic 17,600 112,000 7,686 Fire Death Gaze, Cloak, Cannon Resist
Nydryr* Sorcerer Red Legendary Ice Dreadful Roar, Nocturnal Fissure, Umbral Spike, Ressurection
Ochre Warrior Orange Legendary Earth Heated Breath, Shield Blast, Beserk, Cannon Resist
Ormarr* Hunter Orange Legendary Fire Death Gaze, Self Destruct, Lightning Resist, Cloak
Pandi Hunter Green Epic Fire Lockdown, Self Destruct, Lightning Resist
Phasmos* Sorcerer Orange Mythic Dark Ice Shock, Spell Flux, Cloak, Ice Turret Resist
Phweemp* Warrior Platinum Legendary Dark Cure Poison, Cannon Resist, Archer Resist, Seething Spark
Pyrochis Warrior Emerald Legendary Fire Intimidating Roar, Shield Blast, Spitfire Turret Resist, Archer Resist
Quetz Warrior Platinum Legendary Wind Seething Spark, Wind Wall, Storm Resist, Lightning Resist
Raetrix* Sorcerer Red Rare Fire Rejuvenate, Cure Poison, Rising Phoenix
Renard Sorcerer Garnet Legendary Dark Northern Lights, Umbral Spike, Thunderstorm, Archer Resist
Rhyo Sorcerer Obsidian Mythic Fire Extract Essence, Ressurection, Summon Hellspawwn, Nova
Rizar Hunter Platinum Legendary Earth Galvanic Overload, Steal Essence, Cloak, Cannon Resist
Ruma Warrior Orange Rare Fire Rejuvenate, Cannon Resist
Sage* Warrior Orange Legendary Earth White Explosive Shield, Thunderstorm, Super Rejuvenate, Ice Turret Resist
Sahran Sorcerer Blue Common Earth Summon Warrior
Samnite* Sorcerer Green Legendary Wind Thunderstorm, Reverse Projectiles, Freeze, Archer Resist
Scorchil Warrior Sapphire Legendary Earth Seething Spark, Heat Shield, Archer Resist, Lightning Resist
Sekhem Hunter Sapphire Legendary Ice Steal Essence, Sacrifice, Desiccating Sandstorm, Fire Resist
Sekronos Sorcerer Gold Legendary Dark Thunderstorm, Freeze, Summon Warrior, Archer Resist
Septys Sorcerer Orange Epic Fire Fireball, Reverse Projectiles, Lightning Resist
Serabis Sorcerer Green Rare Earth Fireball, Trebuchet Resist
Shezard Scorcerer Harbinger Legendary Wind Seeker Shots, Invert, Spell Flux, Dark Flak Resist
Sigurd* Sorcerer Blue Rare Dark Reverse Projectiles, Rising Phoenix, Lightning Resist, Sacrifice
Skarr* Warrior Orange Legendary Ice Sacrifice, Heat Shield, Spell Flux, Storm Resist
Slax Sorcerer Emerald Legendary Ice Invincibility Shield, Noxious Vines, Spell Flux, Storm Resis
Slynx Sorcerer Orange Common Dark Reverse Projectiles
Snowdrop* Hunter Orange Legendary Earth Healing Mark, Crystalline Shield, Cloak, Ice Turret Resist
Sobek* Warrior Green Legendary ice Havoc, Stoneskin Shield, Intimidating Roar, Archer Resist
Somnus* Sorcerer Red Legendary Dark
Spindra* Sorcerer Orange Legendary Dark Enfeeble, Northern Lights (Light), Sacrifice, Dark Flak Resist
Stormheim Warrior Emerald Mythic Dark Berserk, Shield Blast, Tectonic Tomb, Ice Turret Resist
Tarand* Warrior Orange Legendary Ice Intimidating Roar, Lethal Barrier, Cannon Resist, Fire Turret Resist
Tengu* Sorcerer Orange Legendary Wind Chaos, Northern Lights, Umbral Spike, Lightning Resist
Thraex* Warrior Blue Epic Earth Wind Wall, Vampiric Touch, Archer Resist
Trollis Hunter Purple Common 6,343 33,500 631 Wind Havoc
Urden Hunter Green Legendary Earth Healing Mark, Evasion,

Havoc, Ballista Resist

Ursa Warrior Garnet Legendary Ice Dreadful Roar, Heated Breath, Battle Cry, Lightning Resist
Vazir Sorcerer Blue Rare 6,949 37,700 459 Wind Fireball, Ballista Resist
Viscus Hunter Blue common 6,793 35,400 476 Wind Self Destruct, Cloak
Vladimir Warrior Purple Rare Dark Cure Poison, Resist Archer Towers
Volos Hunter Orange Common Fire Healing Mark
Vulcan Sorcerer Platinum Legendary Fire Divine Fireball, Rising Phoenix, Spell flux, Archer resist
Whalegnawer Hunter Gold Legendary Ice Steal Essence, Cloak, Lightning Resist, Sacrifice
Wraith Sorcerer Obsidian Legendary Dark Northern Light Dark, Chain Lightning, Nova, Cannon Resist
Wydrian Warrior Harbinger Legendary Fire Blood Fury, Heat Shield, Heated Breath, Fire Flak Resist
Xenot Hunter Emerald Mythic Earth Dissipate, Seismic Screech, Earthquake, Fire Turret Resist
Yanari Warrior Blue Common Dark Battle Cry
Yazi* Warrior Blue Epic Earth Intimidating Roar, Stoneskin Shield, Lightning Resist
Yersinu Hunter Gold Epic Dark Steal Essence, Self Destruct, Sacrifice
Zalon* Warrior Blue Epic Fire Explosive Shield, Rejuvenate, Ballista Resist
Zamrok* Warrior Orange Legendary Ice Super Heated Breath, Mystic Winds, Northern Lights (Dark), Ice Turret Resist
Zaru Hunter Garnet Legendary Earth Crystaline Shield, Desiccating Sand, Steal Essence, Fire Turret Resist
Zin Warrior Red Common 2,210 10,400 30 5,012 28,700 277 Ice Rejuvenate