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The protagonist is the character that is played by the user.

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General Information
Status Alive
Affiliation Protagonist Faction
Gender Varies
Role Leader of Protagonist Faction, member of the Dragon Guard
Abilities Dragon Lord (able to speak to and control dragons)


By default, the protagonist resembles a medieval knight and is clad in thick armor, most likely steel or iron. However, this appearance can be changed through Icons.


The protagonist hails from a long line of humans with the extraordinary gift to communicate with and befriend dragons (See Dragon Lords). When they were young, their uncle, Lord Gustav, became jealous of their abilities, as he had not inherited them. Gustav burned down his descendant's village, killing their parents, and left. The protagonist escaped with only their life and their best friend, a fire dragon named Draco. They vowed to one day have their revenge, and slowly and surely gathered a dragon army to defeat their jealous uncle.

It is assumed that the protagonist is the love interest of Ash, an NPC (the protagonist saved Ash's village); however, this speculation has not been confirmed.


In War Dragons, the protagonist begins in the ruins of their village (which they now are ruler of) where the head advisor Ash helps them raise Draco the fire dragon (or a possibly a descendant) from an egg. After hatching the player's first dragon, Ash will help guide the protagonist through a series of battles against Lord Gustav's forces. Shortly after, the protagonist will be able to recieve a name, which will be the user's username. After the battle tutorials, the player will undergo a similar process, learning how to build and add defenses. Once all of the tutorials are over, the user is free to spend their currency to build, research, and battle however they like.

At level six, the protagonist will be able to join a team and band up with other players as a group alliance.


By completing certain achievements, you will be able to change your icon to look different. Several of these include female figures, so the Protagonist clearly does not have to be male.