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Rhyo is a Sorcerer class Fire dragon in the Obsidian egg lineage.

Rhyo 1.png
Dragon Information
Class Sorcerer
Element Fire
Lineage Obsidian
Availability Mythic
Skills Extract Essence, Ressurection, Summon Hellspawn, Nova
Breeding Breedable at 16

In-Game Description

Obsidian Wyrm: Can wield ancient spells at will.


Rhyo has the body shape of many sorcerers, although its appearance is different. Its head looks like a helmet appearing to be a bone. Its lower jaw is sticking out from its mouth. Rhyo's spines are a little bit large and pointy, and its main body color is black. It appears to have glowing iridescent patterns all over its body. Its wings resemble that of Kinnara's, but with black feathers instead of pink. Rhyo has claws on the end and tip of its wing, with the spine of the wing the same color as the helmet. Its wings appear to be strapped together. It has four legs, each of which end in four pointy talons. Rhyo's tail ends in a thick club with three spikes on each side.

Abilities + Stats

  • Extract Essence (unlocked at level 1) Different Rage based on Spell stolen
    • Higher-tier Steal Essence. Spells stolen are different than those stolen by Steal Essence. Gain a spell based off of the last tower destroyed. Equipped Runes can buff the spells gained by Extract Essence.
  • Resurrection (unlocked at level 1) 2 Rage
    • If your dragon dies during this time, it is resurrected, dealing area damage and recovering 50% of base dragon HP. Recovered HP does not consider HP boosts and research. 20 second cooldown.
  • Summon Hellspawn (unlocked at level 1) 3 Rage
    • Summon a Hellspawn dragon to fight for you. Higher HP than Summon Warrior.
  • Nova (unlocked at level 1) 1 Rage
    • Can only be used once per flight. Deals large area damage to surrounding towers. Gain 35% HP and 3 Rage and is invincible for 3 seconds.

For more information, see Dragon Abilities.

Level DPS Health Max Heal XP Food Remarks


Breedable at 16.

Breeding Parents: Archimera + Noctua