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Trollis is a Hunter class Water dragon in the Purple egg lineage, their availability is Common.

Dragon Information
Class Hunter
Element Water
Lineage Purple
Availability Common
Skills Havoc
Breeding Breedable at level 4

In-Game Description

Breath Wyvern: It doesn't really have arms. Neither did a T-Rex.


Trollis has a diamond-shaped head with a short spiked horn on the end of his snout and rounded horns that are not extremely prominent on the side, but sharper and larger towards the top of his head. He has bright, clear aqua eyes that are tiny and lack pupils. Deep teal fins protrude from the front of his chin like a beard, with pale peach-colored webbing. His body is bunched towards the chest, giving him a tall, thin stature. He has two strong legs and a pair of great wings; Trollis has no forelegs. The end of his tail is thorny and shaped like a spearhead, and his dark denim claws are triangular, but not hooked and rather straight.

Trollis' scales are a shade of lapis that seem almost like a beautiful pale denim. Darker indigo and purple stripes arrow down his back like a tiger's. His horns are the most prominent part of his body that is purple, mostly changing into the color at the crest. The webbing on Trollis' thick wings is indigo, almost navy.

Trollis upholds the appearance of a wyvern, having two hind legs and his forelegs replaced by huge blue wings.

Abilities + Stats

  • Fireball Attack (unlocked at level 1)
  • Havoc (unlocked at level 2)

For more information, see Dragon Abilities.

Level DPS Health Max Heal XP Food
1 2,924 13,104 4m 40s 325 236
2 3,228 14,163 4m 456 280
3 3,562 15,291 5m 623 329
4 3,916 17,076 7m 843 507
5 4,278 19,037 8m 1,115 567
6 4,634 20,908 10m 2,152 912
7 4,968 27,649 14m 3,470 1,553
8 5,266 28,890 16m 4,557 1,703
9 5,544 30,567 17m 5,612 1,858
Expert 5,874 31,958 19m - -


Trollis in the breeding castle

Uses about 250 egg tokens. Breedable at level 4. It is advisable to raise Trollis to breeding level, then stop using him.