War Dragons Wikia

This event is a team based Player versus Player (PvP) event in which teams can declare war on each other. The teams will then skirmish for 50 minutes. Each team has a Flag Bearer and a Sentry which will boost their team's attacks.


Player Progression Prizes

Points Egg Tokens Rubies
150 50 50
300 100 100
600 150 200
1,500 200 400
3,200 300 700
7,500 400 1,200
12,000 600 1,800
25,000 800 2,800

Team Division Rank Prizes

Rank Speedups Chests Egg Tokens
1 8 x 12 Hour Speedup 2 x Priceless Chest 750
2 4 x 12 Hour Speedup 1 x Priceless Chest 600
3 to 5 3 x 12 Hour Speedup 3 x Rare Chest 500
6 to 10 5 x 3 Hour Speedup 2 x Rare Chest 400
11 to 15 4 x 3 Hour Speedup 3 x Common Chest 350
16 to 20 3 x 3 Hour Speedup 2 x Common Chest 300
21 to 25 2 x 3 Hour Speedup 1 x Common Chest 120


Starting a skirmish

  • Any member of your team may declare a skirmish
  • Once started your team will be matched at the beginning of the next hour
  • The skirmish round will start immediately on the hour
  • Your team may only participate in one skirmish at a time
  • Any player may start matchmaking for the next round during the current skirmish

Fighting Battles

  • Players earn points for defeating enemy bases
  • Higher level players and officers are worth more points
  • It costs energy to attack other players
  • You will regain 4 energy every hour up to a max of 16
  • You can refill your energy using rubies
  • After successfully defeating another player's base you will be able to raid that player 5 times
  • Raiding costs energy and rewards you points without attacking again
  • Be careful! If you lose to another player, they will earn points equal to 50% the points you would have earned
  • Both teams add all points earned ii battle to their total score
  • The winner of each round earns 50% bonus points

Flag Bearer

  • The Flag Bearer is the highest level player on the team
  • The Flag Bearer begins each skirmish with flags
  • While the Flag Bearer has Flags up, your team will receive 25% bonus points!
  • When the Flag Bearer is attacked they will lose 1 Flag for each dragon used in the attack if at least 5% of the base is destroyed.
  • If the Flag Bearer's base is defeated in a single attack then they will lose all Flags


  • The Sentry is a team base that any team member may help to upgrade
  • While your sentry is active, your team's attacks earn more points! Level up your Sentry to increase your bonus.
  • Any player may contribute lumber to level up a Sentry on the Sentry page
  • Once the lumber requirement is met by the team, the Sentry will permanently gain a tier, increasing the strength, number of towers, and bonus points for the remainder of the event
  • The Sentry's level is fixed at the beginning of each skirmish
  • The Sentry will apply it's point bonus effect until all towers are destroyed
  • The player who destroys the Sentry will be the team's MVP and earn 5% more points for the rest of the skirmish
  • Your Sentry will regain all HP at the beginning of the next Skirmish
Sentry Level Bonus Points Lumber
50 30% 200,000
60 40% 350,000
80 50%
100 60% 700,000
110 70% 1,600,000
140 80% 3,000,000


  • Players caught cheating will be immediately banned
  • Depending on the extent of the infraction, their team will lose events points and their rank will be adjusted accordingly
  • In order to avoid penalties please report any suspected cheaters by going to the Settings menu and pressing Help